About this blog: The Purpose

I have been a regular reader of various blogs since last couple of years, and have always admired of starting my own. I have tried a couple of times, but couldn’t get the results as expected. Probably, due to the time constraint or due to the lack of groundwork required to be done before beginning with professional blogging.
From my previous experiences, I learnt that creating a blog account and a blog template is one of the most simplest things in the world, and choosing a topic is also not rocket science, but, gradually, after doing some research, and devoting it some time, I have realized that the main aim of the blog shall be to arouse interests in the readers, in a manner such that they should be always waiting for your next post.
So, here I begin, my new blog, with an assurance of quality posts, projecting issues / problems with a different perspective, and not merely rephrasing such problems / issues, rather, trying to suggest ways to address them.
I cannot guarantee any fixed frequency of the posts, but can assure that readers would consider it worth spending time reading the posts, and probably, would wait for the future ones too 🙂

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