Indian Trade Marks Office Issues Public Notice For the Missing 44,404 Trademark Files Relating to Registered Trademarks in pursuance of the directions issued by the Hon'ble Delhi High Court in Civil Writ Petition No.12505 of 2009 dated 6.4.2011

Via Public Notice dated 25/04/2011, Indian Trade Marks Office informs general public:

All the public and in particular the registered proprietors are hereby informed that a total of 44,404 files relating to registered trademarks are missing from different branches of the Trade Marks Registry.

The Trade Marks Registry is having critical information in digital format in respect of all these missing files such as the trade mark applied for, the name of the applicant, the address for correspondence, agent on record as available in the Trade Marks Journal and details of renewal and subsequent changes available in the electronic history records of the concerned mark.

However, in order to update the trade mark office records it has now become necessary to reconstitute these files with inputs from the registered proprietors. It would also be in the interest of the registered proprietors to have the files reconstituted for better protection and maintenance of their marks.

All the registered proprietors/agents of registered Trademarks are requested to furnish self attested copies of the available documents such as trade mark application in form TM-1, additional representation, Examination report, Acceptance order, registration certificate, all documents relating to assignment/ transmission, change in name and address of applicant, any court order on the matter and all other relevant documents if any before 31st July, 2011 at the appropriate Registry. The documents so furnished will be digitized and uploaded in the electronic server of the Registry so as to maintain electronic records as well. The Trade Marks Registry will follow the procedure for reconstitution issued by separate Office Circular.

The trademark notice may be accessed here.

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