Retaining your Internet Business (Cyber) Law Firm

Retaining your Internet Business (Cyber) Law Firm

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What exactly is an internet business law firm, or a cyber law firm: it is the best possible business resource to find and to exploit the maximum possible benefits from your web based business. You may be an individual businessman, a limited company, or any other legal entity, but to run your web based business successfully, you require the representation, advisory and consultancy services of an internet business law firm, or a cyber law firm.

Cyber Corp Legal denotes exclusive and premium service offerings of Tech Corp Legal LLP, an internet business law firm, or a cyber law firm which not only knows all the legal, technical as well as business insights related to a web based business, but is also an entrepreneurial business venture conceptualised and run by business lawyers and patent attorneys having in depth technical expertise and business exposure. Our team is well versed with the technicalities of web based business along with applicable laws, including a strong grasp of the basics of website terms and policies, spam laws, internet sales taxes, other related taxes, online privacy issues, and the like. We also advise our clients in dealing with laws and regulations of agencies such as US Federal Trade Commission, Directorate General for Trade of the European Commission, and the like.

One behalf of our clients, as an internet business law firm, or a cyber law firm, we not only litigate but have the required skill set to handle lawsuits along with our expertise to handle transactional law.

As “Internet Law” is one of our major practice areas, we deal with Internet law as the application of multiple traditional and conventional laws to the virtual world of the Internet in several distinct categories, including spam, wireless and online marketing related legal issues, litigation & regulatory compliance, anonymous internet fraud and unfair competition, online defamation,  unauthorized access and hacking, data theft, cyber-trespassing, false advertising on internet and false claims, domain name disputes, cybersquatting, domain theft, intellectual property protection including patents, trademarks, copyrights, industrial designs etc., trademark infringement disputes, including infringement occurring in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine spam, email spam, and the like, internet copyright infringement, misappropriation of images, website related contracts and agreements, website terms and conditions of use, privacy policies, licensing and content distribution agreements, agreements related to cloud computing and mobile applications, buying or selling internet and web based ventures / assets, including websites, content, domain name portfolios and the like.

To conclude, we are an internet business law firm, or a cyber law firm, founded by startup business lawyers and patent / trademark attorneys having significant exposure to latest laws and regulations, with expertise in handling complex business transactions involving intellectual property rights (patents, trademarks, copyrights), funding, angel investments, venture capital, joint ventures, licensing, cross border mergers and acquisitions.

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