Patent Lawyer: Legal Expert in Protecting Technology Innovations by Patents (Role of Patent Attorney in Protection of Business Ideas & Intangible Assets)

Patent Lawyer: Legal Expert in Protecting Technology Innovations by Patents (Role of Patent Attorney in Protection of Business Ideas & Intangible Assets)

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In present economic landscape, a crucial part of business involves enduring competition by securing strong intellectual property rights. Consequently, an important factor used during the valuation of a company is the strength and ownership of their intangible assets duly protected by solid and valid intellectual property rights.

It has been proven repeatedly that a properly secured intellectual property generates continuous monetary benefits whereas absence / inadequacy of intellectual property rights results in economic losses. Therefore, it becomes essential to consult and retain an experienced patent attorney with expertise in corporate and intellectual property laws to obtain strong and effective intellectual property rights protection and further reaping the benefits of such intellectual property rights by utilizing them commercially.

A patent attorney understands the value associated with ideas presented to him by his clients, and accordingly assists his clients in creation, acquisition, management and protection of all forms of intellectual property. The patent attorney advises a diverse range of clients, including entrepreneurs, start up ventures, corporations and research institutes, who wish to protect their share of intangible assets by means of Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Designs, Trade Secrets, and the like.

As an Experienced Patent Attorney and International Patent Expert, Rahul Dev assists his clients in protecting their intellectual property and providing consultancy regarding Filing Patents for Inventions, Patent Searches, Software Patents, Internet Business Method Patents, Mobile Device Patents, Mobile Application Patents, Computer Application Patents, Technology Law, International Patent Applications by PCT, Brand Protection by Trademarks, Copyrights & Trade Secrets, Intellectual Property Litigation Support, Intellectual Property Licensing Agreements & Assignment Contracts, and other related Legal Documents.

Our law expertise includes handling complex legal and patent issues related to Computer Software, Internet Business Methods, Smartphones & Tablets, Computer Programs, Mobile Apps (Mobile Device Applications), Electronics & Optical Systems, Mechanical Equipments & Devices, Consumer Utility Products & Tools, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare Innovations, Medical Devices, Drugs & Intermediates, Chemical Compositions, Clean & Green Technology, and the like.

To begin with the patent process, the patent attorney provides a detailed professional patent search followed by the broadest possible patent protection combined with other related Intellectual Property protection.

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  1. intellectual property rights seem like the most in the news right now. I think its important to protect your business and this starts with the idea!

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