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Latest Technology & Patent Trends: Regenerative Medicine

Article Source: Regenerative medicine is an upcoming technology field that may be capable of repairing and replacing damaged cells, tissues, and organs by using those that are specially grown. This technology has evolved by the combined efforts of scientists belonging to a diverse range of expertise, including, biology, genetics, physiology, nanotechnology, and pharmacology. Generally, … Continue reading


BASICS OF DRAFTING A PATENT APPLICATION Article source: Writing a patent application is a skillful task for a patent attorney. However, while drafting the patent application the most important section of the patent application are the patent claims. The patent attorney has to perform numerous in-house quality checks to ascertain that all the patent claim elements and features of … Continue reading

Patent Infringement in India

Patent Infringement in India Rights Granted under Indian Law Patents issued by the Indian Patent Office confer upon the patent holder, whether product or process, an exclusive right, under which, no third party can exercise the patentee’s right without the patentees consent. More specifically, the rights conferred, in respect of a product patent, are the … Continue reading