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The Dilemma for Entrepreneurs and Startups: To Patent or Not to Patent | The Curious Case of Patents

Article Source: A patent is the grant of a right to an inventor by the patent office that gives the holder the legal right to exclude others from making, using, or selling the invention in that particular country. The patent law generally allows patents relating to any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or … Continue reading

PATENT TUTORIALS: Basics of PATENTS: Types of Patents, Patent Searches & Patent Application

Article Source: PATENT TUTORIALS Why is a Patent search required? There are many reasons to perform a patent search. The most obvious reason to perform the patent search is to know if the invention can be patented or has been already patented. The other reasons for performing a patent search are listed below: To make … Continue reading

Top Stories of the week: EPO Fee Increases; iPad Trademark Dispute; IBM's Patent Abandonment Strategy etc.

Top Stories of the week: EPO Fee Increases; iPad Trademark Dispute; Non Patentable Abstract Ideas; IBM’s Patent Abandonment Strategy; GE Wins Wind Turbine Patent Appeal; Copyright: Law firms Sued for Submitting Prior Art to the USPTO EPO FEE INCREASES FROM 1 APRIL 2012: The European Patent Office (“EPO”) recently announced that most of its fees will increase … Continue reading