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Patents in Malaysia: Intellectual Property Guide for Filing Patents in Malaysia

Patents in Malaysia: Intellectual Property Guide for Filing Patents in Malaysia

Article Source: http://wp.me/p2PCVq-DG Patents in Malaysia are governed by Intellectual Property Cooperation of Malaysia (MyIPO). Industries, corporations and individual researchers (inventors) involved in R & D (research and development) in Malaysia regularly seek professional services of technically qualified industrial patent experts for supporting research and development activities, patent consultancy, technology transfer, patent strategy, franchising, patent … Continue reading

Top Tech Startup Hubs in the World | Tech Startup Patents | Startup Genome Research

Article Source: http://techcorplegal.com/Blog_Technology_Law_Business_Research/2012/10/15/tech-startups-patents-uspto/ There are many countries attracting a significant number of start-ups and they are expanding and constructing themselves to support the influx of business and culture. Within United States, San Francisco is the obvious choice for many but New York has also been in discussion lately. Boston and Los Angeles are also in … Continue reading

USPTO Satellite Patent Office in Detroit | Patent Attorney and Patent Law Firm in India | Starting a New Business in Detroit

Article Source: http://techcorplegal.com/Blog_Technology_Law_Business_Research/2012/10/13/patent-attorney-in-detroit/ Detroit is a great place to start and operate a business if someone is looking to start a business and realize the American dream. It is well known that economy of Detroit plays a key role in strengthening the economy of Michigan and the United States. Detroit is known as the automotive … Continue reading

PATENT TUTORIALS: Basics of PATENTS: Types of Patents, Patent Searches & Patent Application

Article Source: http://techcorplegal.com/Blog_Technology_Law_Business_Research/2012/09/17/patent-tutorials-basics-of-patents-types-of-patents-patent-searches-patent-application/ PATENT TUTORIALS Why is a Patent search required? There are many reasons to perform a patent search. The most obvious reason to perform the patent search is to know if the invention can be patented or has been already patented. The other reasons for performing a patent search are listed below: To make … Continue reading

Why is Patent Search Required?

Why is Patent Search Required? A patent specification, which is also termed as disclosure, is a written description of an invention. Generally, the patent specification is drafted with a view to satisfy the statutory written requirements for patentability, as well as to define the scope of the patent claims. While the layout of the patent … Continue reading