Posted in September 2012

Infographic: The High Cost of HIPAA Violations

Article Source: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was instituted in order to protect the personal health information held by covered entities, including doctors, pharmacies and health insurance companies. A HIPAA violation can cost an individual or entity millions of dollars in fines and can even land those responsible in prison. In … Continue reading

Latest Technology & Patent Trends: Regenerative Medicine

Article Source: Regenerative medicine is an upcoming technology field that may be capable of repairing and replacing damaged cells, tissues, and organs by using those that are specially grown. This technology has evolved by the combined efforts of scientists belonging to a diverse range of expertise, including, biology, genetics, physiology, nanotechnology, and pharmacology. Generally, … Continue reading

Infographic How students can solve the problem of Unemployment by Entrepreneurship | Case Study: Student Employment Gap in US

Article Source: As per a recent report, U.S. employers added 96,000 jobs in August, a figure that points to the economy’s persistent weakness and slowing prospects for the unemployed. As it may be seen, the unemployment rate declined in August, but not for a good reason as the US government doesn’t count people as unemployed … Continue reading

PATENT TUTORIALS: Basics of PATENTS: Types of Patents, Patent Searches & Patent Application

Article Source: PATENT TUTORIALS Why is a Patent search required? There are many reasons to perform a patent search. The most obvious reason to perform the patent search is to know if the invention can be patented or has been already patented. The other reasons for performing a patent search are listed below: To make … Continue reading

Infographic: APP LAW: Mobile & Software Applications, Patents & Legal Issues [Software Patents | Business Method Patents]

Article Source: Visit our Business Blog homepage: International Technology Business & Patent Law Firm in India: Patent Drafting, Patent Searching, Patent Filing in India, PCT National Phase Filings in India: International Business & Management Company in Singapore: Starting a Business in Singapore: By Rahul Dev  We regularly update our Facebook page and share similar … Continue reading

Apple iPhone5: Disappointment, Expected Pricing & Threat of Potential Patent Litigation [Infographic]

Mashable’s Comparison of iPhone 5 with competitors (Samsung, Motorola, Nokia):   Korea Times Report regarding Samsung’s Potential Patent Litigation Threat:    Visit our Business Blog homepage: By Rahul Dev  We regularly update our Facebook page and share similar stories on Twitter. You can also check out our premium service offerings for Mobile Applications, Social Media & Cyber … Continue reading