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Legal Guide and Tips for Startups: “Why FoodieBay was renamed to Zomato” | Avoid Legal Mistakes

Originally published at: Recently, our law firm’s partner Rahul Dev was invited to become a mentor at SMB Connect. After speaking at their Delhi event recently, he was really impressed by their initiative and agreed to their proposal. So here is the first article as written by him and published by SMB. Feel free to leave … Continue reading

Free e-Book of Legal Audit: Internet & Cyber Laws for Website | Checklist: Do’s & Don’ts while doing Web (Internet) Based Business

Website Legal Audit Introduction With the ever changing advent of Internet law, it is very crucial to ensure the legal compliance of a website and get it audited from an internet lawyer. Various components of a website, including, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Legal Disclaimer, should be in compliance with the recent legal regulations. … Continue reading

Patents in Malaysia: Intellectual Property Guide for Filing Patents in Malaysia

Patents in Malaysia: Intellectual Property Guide for Filing Patents in Malaysia

Article Source: Patents in Malaysia are governed by Intellectual Property Cooperation of Malaysia (MyIPO). Industries, corporations and individual researchers (inventors) involved in R & D (research and development) in Malaysia regularly seek professional services of technically qualified industrial patent experts for supporting research and development activities, patent consultancy, technology transfer, patent strategy, franchising, patent … Continue reading

Top Tech Startup Hubs in the World | Tech Startup Patents | Startup Genome Research

Article Source: There are many countries attracting a significant number of start-ups and they are expanding and constructing themselves to support the influx of business and culture. Within United States, San Francisco is the obvious choice for many but New York has also been in discussion lately. Boston and Los Angeles are also in … Continue reading

Business Consultant in Singapore | Branding the Startups | Business Plan Consultant | Internet Law Attorney for Website Agreements and Contracts

Article Source: Singapore Business Guide Tech Corp International Consultants Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based business consultancy company focusing on entrepreneurs who are exploring to start a new business by incorporating a company in Singapore. Through a strong network of our business associates in Singapore, we provide a diverse range of services, including, Singapore company … Continue reading

USPTO Satellite Patent Office in Detroit | Patent Attorney and Patent Law Firm in India | Starting a New Business in Detroit

Article Source: Detroit is a great place to start and operate a business if someone is looking to start a business and realize the American dream. It is well known that economy of Detroit plays a key role in strengthening the economy of Michigan and the United States. Detroit is known as the automotive … Continue reading

Due Diligence Guide: Buying a New Business and Investment in New Venture

Article Source: Determination for buying a business can be broadly divided into three main categories – Legal, financial and operational. The most important of the three is OPERATIONAL. The business is expected to function as per the purchaser’s needs; this function is ensured by the operational part. The transfer of a business may cause … Continue reading

The Dilemma for Entrepreneurs and Startups: To Patent or Not to Patent | The Curious Case of Patents

Article Source: A patent is the grant of a right to an inventor by the patent office that gives the holder the legal right to exclude others from making, using, or selling the invention in that particular country. The patent law generally allows patents relating to any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or … Continue reading


Article Source: OFFSHORE OUTSOURCING The practice of engaging an external organization for performing in a country where the products or services are not developed or manufactured is termed as “Offshore Outsourcing”. The business is performed by a foreign country in a foreign country. Sending work overseas with higher wages reduces the country’s own domestic … Continue reading

Infographic How students can solve the problem of Unemployment by Entrepreneurship | Case Study: Student Employment Gap in US

Article Source: As per a recent report, U.S. employers added 96,000 jobs in August, a figure that points to the economy’s persistent weakness and slowing prospects for the unemployed. As it may be seen, the unemployment rate declined in August, but not for a good reason as the US government doesn’t count people as unemployed … Continue reading

PATENT TUTORIALS: Basics of PATENTS: Types of Patents, Patent Searches & Patent Application

Article Source: PATENT TUTORIALS Why is a Patent search required? There are many reasons to perform a patent search. The most obvious reason to perform the patent search is to know if the invention can be patented or has been already patented. The other reasons for performing a patent search are listed below: To make … Continue reading

Apple iPhone5: Disappointment, Expected Pricing & Threat of Potential Patent Litigation [Infographic]

Mashable’s Comparison of iPhone 5 with competitors (Samsung, Motorola, Nokia):   Korea Times Report regarding Samsung’s Potential Patent Litigation Threat:    Visit our Business Blog homepage: By Rahul Dev  We regularly update our Facebook page and share similar stories on Twitter. You can also check out our premium service offerings for Mobile Applications, Social Media & Cyber … Continue reading

Patent Research Guide For Inventors

Patent Research Guide For Inventors What is a Patent? A patent grant is territorial in nature. The patent is allocated through the government to an inventor and the inventor or the patent applicant is assigned the rights to exclude others for for 20 years from patent priority date from making, using or selling the invention in … Continue reading

Patent Lawyer: Legal Expert in Protecting Technology Innovations by Patents (Role of Patent Attorney in Protection of Business Ideas & Intangible Assets)

Patent Lawyer: Legal Expert in Protecting Technology Innovations by Patents (Role of Patent Attorney in Protection of Business Ideas & Intangible Assets) Article Source: Patent Lawyer Click Here In present economic landscape, a crucial part of business involves enduring competition by securing strong intellectual property rights. Consequently, an important factor used during the valuation of … Continue reading

Getting Investors and Protecting Internet Business Idea: Things You Need To Know #iDAY2012

Getting Investors and Protecting Internet Business Idea: Things You Need To Know iDAY2012 Article Source: In this post, Internet Lawyer and Software Patent Attorney, Advocate Rahul Dev, discusses briefly about getting investors and protecting an internet business idea. During the exciting journey of entrepreneurship of almost every aspiring entrepreneur, it is very common that … Continue reading