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Legal Guide and Tips for Startups: “Why FoodieBay was renamed to Zomato” | Avoid Legal Mistakes

Originally published at: Recently, our law firm’s partner Rahul Dev was invited to become a mentor at SMB Connect. After speaking at their Delhi event recently, he was really impressed by their initiative and agreed to their proposal. So here is the first article as written by him and published by SMB. Feel free to leave … Continue reading


Article Source: OFFSHORE OUTSOURCING The practice of engaging an external organization for performing in a country where the products or services are not developed or manufactured is termed as “Offshore Outsourcing”. The business is performed by a foreign country in a foreign country. Sending work overseas with higher wages reduces the country’s own domestic … Continue reading

Interested in Business of Mobile App Development, Read This: Legal Implications for Mobile App Developers #iDAY2012

Interested in Business of Mobile Application Development, Read This: Legal Implications for Mobile Application Developers Article Source: In this post, Internet Lawyer and Mobile App (Software) Patent Attorney, Advocate Rahul Dev, discusses about business of mobile app development, and legal implications for mobile app developers. [LONG POST] As all of us know, these days, … Continue reading

Google Adwords: Legal Issues – TYPOSQUATTING

Google Adwords: Legal Issues – TYPOSQUATTING Generally, Typosquatting, also known as URL hijacking, is an act of purchasing a domain name that is a variation on a popular domain name with the expectation that the site will get traffic off of the original site because of a user’s misspelling of the name. For example, registering the domain names or in the hopes … Continue reading

Google Adwords: Legal Issues

Finally, new blog post after a long period of hibernation. Two obvious reasons for such an extensive delay, lack of time for dedicated blogging, and never-ending search for topics which will result in interesting posts. At last, got both of them. 🙂 After a continuous search for a topic, which may be covered in a … Continue reading